Welcome to Black Rabbit Studio! I've decided to create this page to tell you a little about myself, and my work.

As a child, how did you fill your days? For me, most of that time was spent alone. I was shy, curious, and had far more freedom than you would expect a city kid to have. My days were spent wandering, and looking. I loved to walk through the almost abandoned alleys of my home city. Confiscating flowers from abandoned gardens, eating mulberries, and sharing my daily discoveries with the birds, as they chittered at me for stealing their food, was a daily routine. I would search for treasures in the discarded items that decorate all alleys. Once found, I would drag my loot, at times literally, back to my bamboo forest.

I lived with my mom, in a very small apartment, within an old converted victorian house. This house came with an unusually large back yard. This backyard, in turn, came with a completely overgrown grove, of ten foot tall bamboo. As any child would, I quickly made a fort deep within that bamboo. This became my treasure trove, my secret hideaway, and the first place that I created my own art. Art made from discarded items, shed feathers, and fallen bamboo.

It's not terribly surprising that as an adult, I am still heavily focused on all things flora and fauna. My work has gone through many phases, but my interest in the natural world, and in the way that humans interact within it, is the one thing that has always been present.

Through my teens and into my twenties, I was focused on developing my skills in graphite work, and oil painting. I entered into my collage career in pursuit of all things art, but heavily aimed at painting. During this pursuit, I unexpectedly found a love for working in metal. I was enraptured by this material throughout the rest of my college experience. In the end, I received my BFA in Craft and Material Studies, at Virginia Commonwealth University. I quickly found work within the metalsmithing community, and fell even deeper in love, with all that could be done to this material. A material, that at first glance seems so unmalleable. 

I have worked with metals for almost twenty years now. In 2013 I was finally able to focus on my own work again, with the same freedom that I had as a child, hunkered down within my bamboo forest. The creation of Black Rabbit Studio allows me to share that work with you.

Black Rabbit Studio is comprised of myself, Michael (my partner in everything), and last but not least our dragon dog Totoro.  

-Amanda Black

Black Rabbit Studio